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Kyoshi Steve Tolson

Owner & Instructor

Kyoshi Steve Tolson is the owner of Tolson's Okinawan Karate. My goal is to continue with the teaching's of Grandmaster Hohan Soken and my instructor Soke Roy Canter. Whether you are looking for traditional Kata, bunkai kumite (fighting technique), or self defense I provide all my students with well rounded knowledge. I welcome you to visit and help carry the candle that was passed on by our Grandmaster.


I was born in Southern Maryland in 1957 and educated locally at Thomas Stone High School. I have been training for the past 40+ years. I hold a 7th Dan (Shichidan) black belt in Matsumura Shaolin Kenpo and I am the Master Instructor at Tolson's Okinawan Karate. Some of my accomplishments include winning the title "State Champion" for three consecutive years since 2000 for Kata and Weapons. I am a 25 time Grand Champion. I also participated in the Millennium 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia and brought back 4 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal. Awards I have received include: World Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 2002 Instructor of the Year, Martial Artist of the Year, Pinnacle of Success Award, and Life Achievement Award. I have also been inducted into the North American Black Belt Hall of Fame.


The purpose of listing my accomplishments is not to brag or boast but to inform you that anyone is capable of accomplishing any goal when you have the dedication and determination to "just do it".

I am sanctioned under the direction of Soke Roy S. Canter, Jr. of Canter's White Swan Karate in Florida of the Okinawan White Swan Association in addition to: Hansi Tom Hunnicutt of Arkansas (10th Dan, Matsumura Seito Karate). 


I invite you to join me. Let us learn and grow together. In Karate Do the Spirit of Bushido, improving the mind, body and spirit.

Renshi Bryan stephens



I've been training with Sensei Tolson since 2006. Since that time, I have learned that ones abilities is only limited by self-imposed restrictions. There are things I can do today, both physically and mentally, that I didn't believe were possible. Confidence and self awareness in one's abilities is what we focus on in the dojo. To this day, I'm amazed at what I have accomplished under Sensei Tolson's tutelage, mentorship, and friendship.

In 2006, I was "dojo shopping" for my son. I wanted a place that actually taught things and reinforced the value of self-control, respect, and discipline. After several places, I found Tolson's Okinawan Karate (TOK). TOK is n ot a "belt factory." Rank must be earned at TOK, and when a student earnes their rank, seeing the satisfaction in their faces is priceless. Students learning self-defence, being sound physically and mentally is the focusd. Students learn to believe in themselves, and are amazed when they realize what they can do. They also learn that "can't" is only a word, and that failure does not exist. Students are either successful or they learn from a setback. "Can't" and "failure" have no room at TOK.

My son, who is a grown young man is then U.S. Navy, still speaks about the lessons of respect, focus, and self-control he learned at TOK. The things we teach at TOK are not just lessons to use in the dojo, they can be applied to life and will make us better people.

I look forward to many more years of training with Sensei Tolson, to improve mind, body, and spirit.


Sensei jeremy glaze



I originally started training in Taekwando, eventually getting a first-degree black belt. However, due to health problems and life circumstances  I was forced to stop. A few years after graduating college I decided to get back into martial arts but did not want another TKD school. I eventually started at TOK and have been training here for almost 12 years. There is always something to improve on, and always something more to learn.

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